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Custom Guitar Bodies

Make your next build truly unique

Click on the gallery above to check out some past builds, as well as some options to think about for your next dream build!

Information regarding custom build options and pricing below

Type of Wood


I keep a variety of locally reclaimed domestic hardwoods on hand (Soft & Hard Maple, Spalted Maples, Black Walnut, Ash), as well as having access to many of the leading suppliers in my area I can source almost any species of wood you may be looking for in your dream build. The gallery above showcases just some of the available options when it comes to different woods, keep in mind while I can get similar pieces each one is unique and no two slabs are quite the same! 


Body Styles


Although the above gallery features mostly Tele builds, Strat bodies are also an option for a custom build. The sky is the limit when it comes to building from scratch so if I can find a template, or have one made via CNC any body style you're looking for is a possibility! I offer fender-style hand-carved comfort contours on Strat bodies, this can be adapted to a Tele or to your own design!


I also have explorer templates on hand and am always acquiring new templates for different bodies and various pickup and control cavities; if you haven't quite seen what you're looking for send me an e-mail at or submit a quote below and we can discuss different options to suit your needs!

Pickups & Cavities


Everyone has their preferences when it comes to their favourite pickup arrangement, that's why I offer a variety of different routing and layout options to fit your next dream build. Whether you're looking for a standard SS Tele or a Strat with two P90's any combination is an option! Keep in mind if you plan on using a pickguard in your build you may need to custom cut for different pickup arrangements. 

humbucker (1).jpeg

As well as offering custom pickup options, control and neck cavities can be customized as well! From rear routed controls with through top mounting for volume, tone, and selector switch; to adding a strat neck pocket to a Tele body, if you can dream it up it is likely possible! On most builds, I drill discrete holes between pickup and control cavities to allow for builds with or without a pickguard.



All of my guitar bodies are finished in Ligna Easy Solo an industry-leading hard wax oil finish known by carpenters & furniture makers for its long-lasting durability and stunning natural sheen. However; there is a lot more that goes into a good finish than a fancy oil, painstaking attention to detail in the finish sanding process is where it all starts. From a rough finish off of the planer I use a variety of the latest industry-leading tools and techniques in order to achieve a perfectly flat and smooth surface ready for an oil finish to be applied. If you prefer to have to guitar shipped finished sanded but not oiled this is also a possibility; a nitro or poly finish can also be sprayed over the oil finish if you prefer a higher gloss look. (I don't offer any spraying services.)




With a custom build, there are a few things to consider when it comes to price; type of wood, body style, routing/finishing options all come into account. I strive to extend the best deals to my customers possible; by making industry-leading connections with suppliers and builders alike I'm able to offer a truly fair deal and a stunning product. Get a quote on your next build below, don't forget to include any specifics and I'll get back to you with an estimate as soon as possible!

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